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Franchise Business Mentoring Program

Our services and experience extend out to the Promotional Products and Branded Clothing Industry.


We are particularly interested in providing franchisees a cost effective solution as their personal business mentor.  One that understands their specific challenges and needs in a competitive product based industry.


The benefits to your store owners are many:

  • Having run my own business in this field for 25 years, with much success Australia Wide specialising in leveraging new sales from existing customers.

  • We have developed a Step by Step Guide for those Screaming for Profit.  I have even written a book on how to do it.

  • We would work through areas of financial restraint, cash flow, debtors, and to teach franchisees how to work with a Profit and Loss report identifying their margins, costs, sales, and a plan to work through their reports for identifying future sales.

  • To help with the correct suppliers with the right products for their customers and to maximise additional discounts from suppliers.

  • The importance of Bookkeeping, Marketing and Social Media.

  • Having recently worked with a franchisee at Moonee Valley for 12 months, I have 1st hand experience internally coupled with the business know-how and the importance of making money for the owner.


The process:

  • We start with a FREE 1 hour session with each individual business owner by Zoom, uncovering and discovering problems currently known and unknown.

  • We then organise a training workshop onsite or offsite as a 2 day kick-off to the relationship and to add value quickly straight away plus it builds trust.

  • We then follow up with ongoing Business Mentoring and Executive Coaching over the following 3, 6 or 12 months.

  • We are also available to Key Note Speak at your National | State Conferences and/or be included in your next Franchisee Roadshow.  That way, the program would be fully integrated into your business and show support from the highest levels within the ecosystem.

  • The learnings that are made would be propagated throughout the network and we could write articles in your marketing material to franchisee owners outlining best practice, case studies, good news stories and highlighting the great results and stories that deserve a mention.




Payment Plans Available

All Materials Provided

We come to your business for the 2 Day Kick Start Program (In-house Training) you need to provide a suitable venue for optimal learning (natural light is preferred).

Coaching is then conducted via ZOOM

Organise your FREE Business Strategy Session and we can look at the schedule for these programs together, but before that, it is more important that Mary understands your business needs.

What is covered in the Program

Session 1 | Welcome and Introduction

Session 2 | Understanding the Numbers

Session 3 | Product and Suppliers

Session 4 | Customers and Customer Service

Session 5 | Competitors

Session 6 | Sales | Sales Planning | Projections

Session 7 | Marketing

Session 8 | Organisation + Spend Money to Win

Session 9 | Rainmaker Mindset

Session 10 | Goals | Action Plan |

Session 11 | Balance

Session 12 | Wrap Up

1 Hour FREE Business Strategy Session
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