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The day I fell off the ladder, was the first day of the rest of my life!

Have you ever had that moment when you just knew something had to change? My moment was up a ladder, cleaning out gutters in the sleeting rain. It was a day that caught me by surprise, and it wasn’t a pleasant one. I was feeling rattled and my mind was full of hurdles I had to jump over, with a heavy feeling weighing upon me. Between being in an emotional state due to trying to help my brother with his health issues, I then also had to prepare our investment property for new tenants. I should have known it was going to end up as a day like no other- I turned up to our investment property wearing an outfit as if I was to have lunch with the ladies, rather than cleaning- that is how absentminded I was at the time!

Rolling the sleeves up with much cleaning to do, I was allocated the task of cleaning out the gutters. This is how I ended up on a ladder, in the rain, cleaning whilst my mind was elsewhere! Even though my steps were deliberate and careful, I still managed to slip off the ladder, my body went one way and my ankle went the other. I lay awkwardly over a stump of an old tree with my ankle bone penetrating through the skin- you never want to see that!

All I could do was cry.

But not for myself, for my husband- how was he going to finish cleaning in the next two days, my family- who is going to help them, and what about my work- what would happen?

Oh and who was going to call the ambulance- my husband rushed out and nearly faints at the sight of me in my awkward landing position. So I snatch the phone from his hands and call 000. My two ambulance angels- Jess and Alannah were swift and efficient and I knew I was going to be OK, as their names mirrored my children’s names- that was the first sign. Lying in a hospital bed was a new experience for me. Firstly, lying in bed during the day was totally foreign to my mind and body, secondly having people look after me, well, I never! My brain went into overdrive as I had forced time to ponder. I was able to confirm care for my brother ( which was weighing heavily on me) that he needed. I then decided I needed to listen to the universe and the gift of time that was given to me to recuperate. I knew this was the time for me to write the book that had been sparking inside me for such a long time. The idea was idling and it needed to come out. I moved forward with my plans to meet with a coach so that I could begin the work as I lay in bed with my leg up healing.

I had scheduled a meeting with an expert in the field for the new year. Well I moved that meeting forward and began writing the very next day, after I got home from hospital.

It was cathartic, challenging and what I knew I had to do at the time. I wrote my book to inspire entrepreneurs, about how to build a successful business and the essential tools and processes you need to grow the business that you want and desire.

Have you ever had that pull that you knew you had to change something in your life? That there was more that you needed to be doing either in your business or to create a business that is conducive to how you want to live? I have been down that road so many times in my 30 plus years of creating thriving businesses. My passion is to help fellow entrepreneurs to create the business that they desire and make it successful.

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