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Thanks Mary for a great session! 

Mary has so much positive energy and business experience to share. She took the time to understand my past experience, skills and goals. She has a great inspiring and bubbling personality, asking the right questions to bring someone closer to their goals. Learning from her sales background and experience will be a valuable asset for my PhD and any future endeavours.


Can highly recommend a session with her.


- Miriam Schmidt


Mary , I would like to say thank you very much and for helping me to turn this business around.  You are teaching me things that no one else has done before.  I can finally Read Profit & Loss and you have taught me this with a lot a patience. Thank you for introducing me to Angela, she has turned the books around and I am paying off my debts and one day I will  take a wage and have extra money to give out.  Your ability to talk to people is amazing and you always come to me happy and like a bull of gate . You always give your all. 

- Joy, Director | EmbroidMe, Moonee Valley

Mary is an absolute powerhouse! Her motivation is infectious and her lifetime of knowledge invaluable - I feel absolutely privileged to have had her as my mentor. She has helped my business develop and has guided me through its nervous beginnings, constantly providing valuable support and advice to help my business grow. I highly recommend Mary, she's savvy as anything and a genuine person who you'll be happy to have by your side. Thank you so much Mary! I appreciate all the sessions we had together, my business wouldn't be where it is today without you!


- Michelle Pereira


Mary is insightful, supportive, wise and wonderful. I could honestly not have pushed through navigating setting up my business and balancing the at time overwhelming responsibilities that go with being a single Mum. Mary helped me to prioritise and put that super critical inner voice to bed. She gave me the encouragement and strategies to keep going. Thank you Mary, so very very much. You have been gold to me and my family.

- Kylie Mahoney

Mary gave me a short but extremely sweet guidance session where she consolidated my thoughts and my career goals and put together a very simple plan for how I would go about accessing the clients I wanted to work with. She distilled my vision quickly and it was literally less than a week before I won work that was exactly in line with my values. I needed that extra help to show me that what I wanted wasn't impossible, and that there is always a simple process to get where I want to be. You're in good hands with Mary!


- Jess O'Farrell

I attended Mary’s presentation about her book “Show Me the Money for those Screaming for Profit” and her life experience as a businesswoman. The book has a workbook to guide readers through their own business venture. Mary is a speaker with an inspirational journey. She shared her knowledge about businesses in an informative and realistic manner. She has played all business roles and thus is a mentor for people in any business capacity. I also had a one-to-one consultation with Mary about my business idea. She takes into consideration people’s contextual factors and empowers them with solutions that work. Thank you Mary for your professional ethics and for the valuable book.

- Majida Mehana


Mary and I have been working together for the last 6 months on increasing sales with existing and new customer and it's been super helpful. Without doubt, you can see Mary’s passion for helping businesses grow and her decades worth of sales experience really shows. She’s been just what I needed for sales planning, budgeting, strategy and a better look at the big picture which I desperately needed. 

- Jamie Swinnerton

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