I discovered Mary Philippou and requested her right away considering her incredible experience in the business domain.  As  I am willing to embark on the journey to entrepreneurship, Mary has walked me through the step by step process and strategy to establish a thriving business.  Mary helped me gain clarity and confidence by asking profound yet practical questions as to why I am willing to start this journey.  She stressed the importance of mindset and hard work when it comes to launching a business.  I am beyond grateful for her humility and generosity to share and help me achieve one of my dearest dreams. Thank you


Mariam Omar Mohamed 

(from Turkey)

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Mary , I would like to say thank you very much and for helping me to turn this business around.  You are teaching me things that no one else has done before.  I can finally Read Profit & Loss and you have taught me this with a lot a patience. Thank you for introducing me to Angela, she has turned the books around and I am paying off my debts and one day I will  take a wage and have extra money to give out.  Your ability to talk to people is amazing and you always come to me happy and like a bull of gate . You always give your all. 

Joy, Director

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Thanks Mary for a great session! 

Mary has so much positive energy and business experience to share. She took the time to understand my past experience, skills and goals. She has a great inspiring and bubbling personality, asking the right questions to bring someone closer to their goals. Learning from her sales background and experience will be a valuable asset for my PhD and any future endeavours.


Can highly recommend a session with her.


Miriam Schmidt